About the PSGA

Founded in 1923 this society aims to bring poets and poetry to Savannah, Georgia through appreciation, education and community.

It was five women who founded the Poetry Society of Georgia: Elfrieda DeRenne Barrow, Lucy Barrow McIntire, Laura Palmer Bell, Katherine Hartridge Strong, and Harriet Lawrence Huston.

We have walked the same streets, shared the same homes, admired the same
museums and perhaps even been inspired by the same sloping bank of the
waterway. We know these women, they live among us in the deeds they accomplished
in life and the hopes that are still being strived for by those of
us who remain, those of us who are born into a new era with old connections
and those of us who have stumbled into this city with all its history and
entanglements. Dead men tell no tales, but dead women will provide poetry
from the grave. This society and the experiences it offers travels from grave to ears and whispers of these women, these friends,these prosodists. This history is yours.